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Intellitech Corporation


Intellitech has developed revolutionary patented technology for use by electronic product manufacturers and the semiconductor industry. Using a unique business model, Intellitech Corporation develops and licenses advanced Intellectual Property (IP) for efficient configuration, debug and test of electronic products including SoC (System-on-a-Chip), ICs, PCBs and Systems. The proprietary IP provides a scalable configuration, debug, and test infrastructure that enables customers to build high quality self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products. Intellitech's unified approach to test and configuration enables customers to provide field adaptable products, lower their manufacturing test costs, lower their field support costs, and extend their products' useful life with field upgrade-able logic.

Intellitech's TEST-IPTM family of products work directly with Intellitech's popular EclipseTM family of Scan-Based Diagnostic tools to provide a powerful environment for debugging and validating product specific configuration and test data prior to embedding it into the customer's product.

Intellitech was incorporated in 1988 and is privately held. Intellitech's broad product selection, strong support team, and compelling value propositions have resulted in rapid growth, solid profitability and a strong balance sheet. The corporate headquarters are located in Rochester, NH with key subsidiaries, Intellitech India Private Ltd. Bangalore, India and Intellitech Japan, in Fujisawa, Japan.

Corporate Mission:

Intellitech's mission is to provide customers with a comprehensive re-usable debug, configuration and test solution for the entire life of a product. The solution lowers the total product cost of debug, configuration and test by implementing the necessary architecture early in the design phase to ensure the highest benefit and success for the customer.

Intellitech Value Propositions:

Intellitech's solutions encompass all aspects of the total product cost including parts cost, engineering design time, engineering debug time, time-to-volume, manufacturing test time, system integration and test time, capital test equipment costs and field service costs

  • Intellitech's SystemBISTTM Embedded Configuration and Test device is a complete FPGA independent plug and play test and configuration solution that offers users a low cost centralized FPGA configuration architecture that can also be re-used for embedded test with high deterministic fault coverage. Designers can achieve advanced FPGA configuration and re-configuration and at the same time satisfy test-engineering goals for low cost 'execute anywhere' test.

  • The TEST-IP family provides a pre-designed infrastructure for high-speed, high-throughput in-system configuration of programmable devices such as FLASH, FPGAs and CPLDs. The infrastructure saves design-engineering time and reduces design risk since the PCB and System Level scan-design details are pre-engineered.

  • The centralized approach to Intellitech's SystemBISTTM Embedded Configuration and Test Processor enables the design of in-the-field upgrade-able systems. This allows product modifications for specific customers, bug fixes for logic problems and extension of the product life by incorporating new technology after shipment.  SystemBIST can hold up to fifteen different system adaptations that can rapidly re-configure programmable logic within the system or PCB. This capability also allows designers to use smaller less costly FPGAs when their product features do not all have to be resident in the FPGA at one time.


  • Patented "Concurrent JTAG" technology enables scalable and simultaneous test and configuration of many target UUTs.   CJTAG can be used to test ICs in parallel, PCBs in parallel or for building a multi-PCB system with the fast concurrent FPGA, FLASH programming and test. Intellitech's concurrent test technology enables customers the lowest cost during production test. It significantly reduces test costs compared to In-circuit Test (ICT) with a JTAG "Boundary-scan" add-on. The CJTAG technique 'zeros out' test time, making even the longest test and on-board programming times - insignificant with respect to the production line beat rate. Customers focus on reducing PCB 'handling time' and are not impacted by increased test times when more tests are needed for higher quality.


  • Patented on-board FLASH/EPROM programming and memory test.  Intellitech's Fast Access Controller enables non-volatile and volatile devices to be 'programmed' in-system as fast as they can be programmed off-board. This technology has reduced the costs of excess inventory, predictin volumes when pre-programming FLASH memories. It also eliminates the costs of the extra step and capital equipment needed for in-line FLASH programming. It can be used in conjunction with CJTAG to handle the largest memories and the fastest line rates.

  • The configuration, test and debug solutions are built upon patented and patent-pending intellectual property (IP), proven methodologies and flows, with cost-effective tools that will enhance and streamline scan-based configuration, debug, and test of devices, boards, and systems. The solutions are scalable and re-usable during all phases of the product and from one product design to the next.

  • Intellitech has a strong engineering team with a proven track record of providing technologically superior test and debug solutions to the market based on industry standards such IEEE 1149.1, IEEE 1149.10, IEEE 1149.6, IEEE 1687, IEEE 1149.4, IEEE 1076 VHDL, IEEE1364 Verilog and EDIF.

    Product Families:

    Intellitech's TEST-IPTM family provides IC and system designers with infrastructure IP that can be easily embedded into their designs for lower cost and more efficient configuration, debug, and test. Intellitech's IP reduces the risk of product delivery delays and cost overruns caused by overly complex and under functioned in-house system-test solutions. Intellitech's SystemBISTTM IP has already been successfully used by customers to build self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products. All of the TEST-IP family of products can be used with Intellitech's proven Eclipse software and hardware to provide maximum usability and utility.

    The EclipseTM family of scan-based diagnostic and test tools provides design and test engineers with a complete hardware/software solution that enables them to test and debug their products using a non-contact control and observe-ability test methodology. The Eclipse solution leverages IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) test/debug structures at the IC, board, and system level to automatically generate high coverage test patterns along with valuable diagnostic and debug information. The Eclipse family of products is easy to use and supports a widely accepted scripting language that eliminates the need for time consuming C++ integration and support code.

    Customer Base:

    Intellitech's products have been successfully deployed in many different market segments. The customer base spans a wide spectrum of companies who build some of the worlds most technically advanced products including: complex networking products, cutting-edge semiconductor testers, deep submicron semiconductors, high-reliability satellites and multi-processor computer systems.