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DFT / JTAG University Programs

The Intellitech DFT / JTAG University Program's goal is to educate the next generation of electronic design engineers in design-for-test and scan-based diagnostic equipment. Intellitech will provide diagnostic and test equipment to universities that have curriculum for DFT (Design-for-Test) of digital/analog. Engineering students will benefit through the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic and test equipment currently used in the industry.

Program Requirements

Intellitech's products are provided to Universities for educational purposes only. Presently, many curriculums are focused on design, with limited instruction on testability. With use of Intellitech's tools, students will be afforded the unique opportunity to incorporate scan-based DFT and other design for testability into their course work.

The University must submit an application to Intellitech for approval. Intellitech will administer software to the University pending Intellitech's license agreement.


The University must submit a request to Intellitech outlining the role which Intellitech's tools will play in the curriculum of the electrical engineering department. Any courses, projects, or laboratories that will use Intellitech's tools must be documented.

What to include in the Application:

  • Curriculum involving digital/analog circuit design
  • Intended use of Intellitech Scan-Based products
  • Point of Contact - contact information for administrator of workstations used with Intellitech's tools
  • Security measures taken to thwart theft and/or damage to Intellitech tools
  • Press contacts for University and surrounding community

Contact Intellitech at

System Requirements

Intellitech's software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and Sun Solaris 2.5 or greater. Hardware interfaces include Parallel Port, TCP/IP, PXI, PCMCIA, and PCI

Success Stories

Intellitech Launches University Program with Donation to UNH Contribution lays the foundation for education in Design-for-Testability

Local Business Makes Donation to UNH Electrical Engineering program. Intellitech Corporation, an electronics company based in Durham, has donated $370,000 worth of test equipment and software to the University of New Hampshire's electrical and computer engineering department. Intellitech, a leading provider of scan-based diagnostic tools for the electronics industry, was founded by C.J. Clark, who graduated from UNH in 1986. Shown here are (from left) John LaCourse, chairman, UNH electrical and computer engineering department; Donald Sundburg, UNH vice president for research and public service; C.J. Clark, president of Intellitech; Andrzej Rucinski, professor and director of the UNH Design Automation Lab; Roy Torbert, dean of the UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences; Mike Ricchetti, chief technology officer at Intellitech; and Misha Seledtsov, one of the UNH students working with Intellitech equipment and software. Intellitech has announced that the donation to UNH is the first in a series of planned donations to universities that have programs in which students learn to design and test digital and analog circuits. (UNH Photo by Gary Samson)