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PCB test and Design-for-Test Services Group

Intellitech has a very experienced consulting and test development organization that is dedicated to provide our customers with high-quality design and test services. Choosing Intellitech Test Services can help you lower the risk of adopting a new Design-for-Test methodology or speed your product to market when you need to deploy a test solution quickly.

Intellitech offers the best value in the industry. Intellitech's subsidiary, Intellitech India Pvt. Ltd. provides high quality engineering talent for customer DFT and 1149.1 based test development. EU and US based customers get the right mix of local engineering talent and low off-shore costs. Customers can immediately realize engineering cost savings - with turn-key fixed prices from Intellitech far below the cost to hire a local engineering 'consultant' for 1149.1 test development.

Intellitech -  the most trusted name in scan-based test.

Test Development and Engineering Services

Intellitech offers turnkey test solutions for lab or production PCB test. Intellitech enables you to focus on your core competencies while Intellitech engineers integrate and deliver a customized test solution.

Intellitech consulting engineers will assist you in Design-for-Test implementation, production test solution, BSDL Verification, Test program development and manufacturing test deployment.  Intellitech engineers have a wide industry experience in telecommunications, aerospace, consumer products, automotive and blade servers and can offer you expertise in the industry's best practices at the lowest cost.

Intellitech doesn't just solve your boundary-scan test problem but provides an integrated approach to testing in the lab or on the production floor.  Intellitech can integrate all GPIB and PXI based test equipment needed for PCB test in a comprehensive solution.

Embedded Configuration and Test - Design and Implementation Services

Intellitech's embedded configuration and test methodology are unique patented solutions developed after years of system level 1149.1 experience.   Before you start on an in-house solution, please check with Intellitech to get a competitive bid.   Intellitech has created special service programs for our customers to assure that their implementation of the TEST-IP Family of Infrastructure IP is completely successful. Intellitech consultants will work with your design and test teams to help you implement an embedded methodology that supports in-system FPGA/CPLD/FLASH configuration and anytime on-board test.

Product and Technology Classes and Seminars

Intellitech offers a comprehensive set of educational classes and seminars. They are taught by seasoned instructors and are available at our training center or at your site. These classes and seminars focus on PCB and System wide design-for-X using scan based architectures such as IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1532.  Intellitech can show you how to design the lowest cost product by incorporating a single architecture for Design-for-Test, Design-for-Configuration and Design-for-Debug.  Classes and seminars can include hands-on laboratories using the state-of-the art EclipseTM Family of Software products. 

Classes also cover TEST-IPTM Family of infrastructure IP.  Learn how leading companies are tackling board test today using the plug 'n play components of TEST-IP.  See how the TEST-IP components enable multi-PCB test and FPGA configuration and lower the overall cost through the product life cycle.  Its been proven that incorporating the proper infrastructure early during design can save on costs later in the product life.

As part of these services, Intellitech will provide:

  • Design audit to assure that your design is IEEE 1149.1 compliant
  • Design for Test suggestions that meet your specific product constraints
  • Device selection and TEST-IP implementation services
  • Test and Configuration data migration
  • Eclipse training and support

Design for Test (DFT) Consulting

Boundary-scan is a cost effective test methodology, however, it requires that your design be IEEE 1149.1 compliant. Intellitech's consultants will help you early in the development process to assess your design's adherence to basic and advanced design-for-testability practices. By addressing DFT early on, Intellitech can help you obtain high fault coverage and better product quality. Intellitech has been instrumental in the development of each of the IEEE 1149.1, 1149.6, 1149.4, 1532 and P1500 standards.

Custom Services

Intellitech consultants can be enlisted to provide you with customized design and test services. Please contact your Intellitech representative with any questions about how we can help you with our custom services.

Benefits of Intellitech Consulting Services

The Intellitech Services Group has been dedicated to helping customers achieve success since 1988. Our patented  technology and proven flows will help you meet your business and technology challenges for designing and testing complex systems.

Intellitech provides our services through a flexible engagement model that will enable your engineering teams to focus on their core competencies while Intellitech delivers your test and configuration solution.