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Intellitech's CJ Clark re-elected as IEEE 1149.1 Chairperson

DOVER, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- January 5, 2011-- Intellitech's CJ Clark was re-elected chairperson of the IEEE 1149.1 Working Group in an open election held at the close of 2010. Mr. Clark was chairperson from 1996 until 2001 when the latest draft was completed. In November 2009, a new PAR was approved by the IEEE for the WG to re-form and address new issues and improvements. In December, Mr. Clark encouraged an open election for WG officers. CJ was nominated along with Mr. Adam Ley of Asset-Intertech for the position of Chairperson. CJ was re-elected with a vote of 10 to 5. Other new officers include Carol Pyron of Freescale as vice-chair, Carl Barnhardt as Editor and Bill Tuthill of Raytheon as Secretary. Congratulations to All! For informaton on the WG progress please go to 1149.1WG