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Use CJTAG for System JTAG and Multi-Drop 1149.1 (JTAG)

 STA112 Scan Bridge addressable JTAG CJTAG

The CJTAG IC is a member of the Intellitech TEST-IP family of infrastructure IP products.  The TEST-IP product family facilitates test, debug and in-system programming of ICs, PCBs and multi-PCB systems. CJTAG provides multiple scan rings at the PCB level and scan access to each PCB at the system level. Each CJTAG IC is an addressable gateway to the PCBs in a multi-drop system.  The CJTAG IC has flexible secondary scan-chains, buffering and voltage level shifting for 4 to 12 local scan-chains. 

     "Intellitech’s Parallel Test Bus provides us with a system level test architecture that is important for the reliability and quality we need in our products.”     
Pete Marconi 
VP of Systems Engineering
 Axiowave Networks


Unlike earlier commercial ICs such as Scan Bridge, STA112, STA111 and ASP, CJTAG enables simultaneous test of all of the similar PCBs in the system using Intellitech's CJTAG Concurrent JTAG Bus.  CJTAG also has patented address 'aliasing' not found in other multi-drop bus components which critical for reducing PCB-to-PCB level interconnect tests in dynamic systems.  The CJTAG addressing approach overcomes the fixed addressing of Scan Bridge and ASP enabling re-use of board-to-board interconnect and SERDES BER tests.. 

Key Benefits

  • Enables JTAG / 1149.1 access to any PCB in a system from a single 1149.1 interface
  • Enables simplified in-the-field updates and upgrades by providing a structured access mechanism to all volatile and non-volatile ICs in a system (enables programming FPGAs, FLASH, EEPROMS, DAC/ADCs, Gigabit I/O Pre-emphasis) across a backplane from a central point
  • Enables faster on-board programming and test times by providing a patent-pending 'parallel test bus' over standard IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan.
  • Enables simultaneous test and on-board programming on each similar PCB in a system without the added cost of having on-board PROMs or BIST in each system PCB.
  • Enables simplified PCB-to-PCB interconnect testing
  • Provides high-fanout and voltage translation for 4-12 scan-rings on each system PCB
  • Fully compatible with the SystemBIST embedded test and configuration strategy
Further information is only available by contacting Intellitech directly.
CJTAG is a trademark of Intellitech Corp.