IEEE 1149.7 cJTAG P1687 IJTAG Compliance Enable Pin

- iMajik is better method to address multiple TAPs in a mult-core SoC or 3D package.
The approach works with current JTAG TAP insertion tools and allows access to cores with JTAG without re-tooling
JTAG insertion or JTAG Emulation software tools. (As would be required by IEEE 1149.7
Read more about this patent-pending technique if you:
1) Need to have a single BSDL to have IEEE 1149.1 compliance but you have Multi-TAP cores or Multiple die packages
2) Need to remove IEEE 1149.1 compliance-enable pins ( Disable compliance on-chip and iMajik signals prior to when JTAG is needed)
3) Need to remove TRST* or operate TRST* in low-power without the internal TRST* pull-up
4) Need to broadcast to on-chip IJTAG/P1687 instruments