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BSDL Syntax Check - BSDL Parser and Verifier

This BSDL Syntax Check (BSDL Parser) page was developed in response to many inquiries on supplying our BSDL Syntax Compiler since it catches problems that other BSDL syntax checkers do not. BSDL has many semantic checks which do not get caught with a different syntax checker. The BSDL Syntax Checker is freely available to any interested parties who would like to validate their BSDL file for possible problems in syntax, semantics, grammar and compliance. We call this 1149.1 BSDL syntax checker or compliance test executable "iBSDL", Intellitech BSDL.

Sematic checks are performed and if a failure occurs the section of the IEEE 1149.x specification that was violated is printed with the error messsage. This compiler was developed under the guidance of the IEEE 1149.1 Working Group Chairman, CJ Clark. Mr. Clark developed and wrote most of the grammars for IEEE 1149.1-2013 attributes. Intellitech believes that with well checked BSDL files available everyone's job will be easier.

When a BSDL file is uploaded it is compiled in a non-public area of our website with access only by Intellitech's Webmaster. This page should be accessed with HTTPS SSL to upload the file over a secure connection if you want further privacy. BSDL files are stored for the purpose of compiling the BSDL file and displaying the compilation results. BSDL files will not be included with Intellitech's library (over 6000 already are included) or distributed unless "YES" is selected in the BSDL Syntax Library Include option below. We reserve the right to use the BSDL and syntax check results internally to improve the iBSDL compiler but it will never be distributed unless you authorize to do so.

Example Output

iBSDL - Intellitech BSDL Compiler Version 13.9 Copyright (C) 1993-2022 Intellitech Corp. All rights reserved.

       Line:725 "11 (bc_1 ,* ,control ,1)," &

ERROR: Line:726 "12 (bc_1 ,addr0 ,output2 ,X)," &

       Line:727 "13 (bc_1 ,data0 ,input ,X)," &

A port that has a OUTPUT2 function and without a disable spec must be defined as type buffer in the port spec ( IEEE Std 1149.1 Section B.8.14.3)

BSDL File Upload

Use the Browse button to select your BSDL file and then click Sumbit.

Allow this BSDL to be included in the Intellitech BSDL Library? YES NO

Package File Upload

If your BSDL requires a non-standard or user package file you must submit the package file before attempting to compile the BSDL. The following package files are included:


Browse to your Package file now and then click Submit.

Allow this Package to be included in the Intellitech BSDL Library? YES NO