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Flexible FPGA configuration IC capable of embedded System JTAG Self-Test announced by Intellitech

System JTAG level embedded self-test available in flexible FPGA configuration IC.

Austin , TX – International Test Conference -- (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nov 9, 2005.  – Intellitech Corporation, http://www.intellitech.com , the technology leader in scan-based configuration, debug and test solutions today announced immediate availability of the next generation SystemBIST IC for FPGA configuration and embedded PCB self-test. SystemBIST provides the function of loading designs into RAM based FPGAs at power-up, it replaces the need for using serial configuration PROMs or developing software for CPU based FPGA configuration. SystemBIST provides major capabilities not found in any of the other configuration methods, that is the ability to re-program non-volatile CPLDs in-system, decision making on what FPGA bitstreams to load, and embedded PCB Self-Test using JTAG/1149.1 manufacturing test patterns embedded into the PCB. Customers realize engineering and capital equipment cost savings with PCB self-test since the tests are immediately available at PCB power-up. It doesn't require training or external equipment which might not be immediately available to execute the manufacturing tests.

New capabilities introduced with this generation are “failsafe” FPGA configuration – automatic handling of potential FPGA programming problems when updating FPGAs in-the-field, better FPGA data compression - reducing bitstream and test vector storage requirements by 50-60% compared to compression in the prior version, built-in version control for managing FPGA/CPLD updating of systems in the field. The technology is now available in a RoHS compliant (lead-free) 144 b all BGA with a package size of 13mmx13mm – a reduction of 60% of the PCB area needed by the prior SystemBIST product. SystemBIST is part of Intellitech's popular TEST-IP family of components used for designing and building built-in self-test and 1149.1/JTAG scan chain infrastructure at the PCB and System level. Intellitech's TEST-IP components lower the over all cost of building a self-testable reconfigurable electronic system.

“Low total system cost with high quality is still the holy grail of the electronics industry” said CJ Clark , Intellitech CEO. “Our solutions continue to gain market share as they provide the most cost effective method to design, manufacture and support a FPGA based electronic product from cradle to grave. We've been working with an early adopter, a well known company in the medical products field with this next generation SystemBIST since the beginning of the year. Having success during prototyping, they are going into production this month with several of their PCBs having SystemBIST designed in. While we think of SystemBIST as performing configuration for a large number of FPGAs, this customer found it cost effective on PCBs with just a single FPGA. At a later date we will report on this success story” Clark added. Customer reference statements can be found on Intellitech's web-site http://www.intellitech.com/customerstatements/customer_success.asp

SystemBIST is available in a RoHS 144 b all BGA package. Pricing is $15 in quantities of 10K.


About Intellitech

Intellitech's TEST-IP TM family provides patented infrastructure IP that enables customers to lower the cost of designing, debugging, producing and maintaining electronic systems. Intellitech's proprietary solutions enable customers to build self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products with the least amount of engineering resources and at the lowest cost. Intellitech lowers production costs by embedding test or enabling concurrent test of electronic assemblies during production test and burn-in. The unified test and configuration approach enables customers to lower manufacturing test costs, provide field adaptable products and retard product obsolescence with field upgrade-able logic.

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