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    Intellitech announce the integration of ASSET InterTech ScanWorks® diagnostics with the Eclipse 1149.1 family of products

Santa Clara, CA – International Test Conference – Business Wire - October 24, 2006
Intellitech (www.intellitech.com) announced today the support of ASSET InterTech’s ScanWorks® boundary-scan diagnostic engine within Intellitech’s Eclipse™ family of IEEE 1149.1 test and debug products. The added capability will allow users of Intellitech’s Eclipse software to license ScanWorks® from ASSET InterTech for their test development and for ScanWorks® users to be able to export their tests and execute them with Intellitech’s IEEE 1149.1 controllers. The solution provides customers with the test capability and ease-of-use found in ScanWorks® and couple that with the highly concurrent test capability of Intellitech’s PT100 or embed the tests with Intellitech’s SystemBIST IC. The integration is an industry first enabling interoperability between two IEEE 1149.1 based competitors.
"It’s really the first time two IEEE 1149.1 based competitors have cooperated at this level” said CJ Clark, President and CEO of Intellitech. "It’s essentially like having Teradyne and Agilent work together to make their PCB test programs interoperable, something your not likely to see.” “Rather than being secretive and proprietary, we listened to our mutual customers who wanted interoperability and to ‘mix and match’ to get the best solution. We believe that what’s good for our customer is good for our company too.”
“We’ve always prided ourselves on the openness of the ScanWorks environment,” said Glenn Woppman, President and CEO of ASSET InterTech. “For some time now, our users have benefited from third-party technologies that have been integrated with ScanWorks, such as in-circuit test (ICT) systems like the Agilent’s 3070 and i5000 systems as well as ICT systems from other suppliers. So, when it makes sense because our users are going to benefit by it, we have always been quite willing to work with third-parties like Intellitech.”

ASSET and ScanWorks are registered trademarks of ASSET InterTech, Inc.

About Intellitech
Intellitech's TEST-IPTM family provides patented infrastructure IP that enables customers to lower the cost of designing, debugging, producing and maintaining electronic systems. Intellitech's proprietary solutions enable customers to build self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products with the least amount of engineering resources and at the lowest cost. Intellitech lowers production costs by embedding test or enabling concurrent test of electronic assemblies during production test and burn-in. The unified test and configuration approach enables customers to lower manufacturing test costs, provide field adaptable products and retard product obsolescence with field upgrade-able logic.
The TEST-IP Intellectual Property is coupled with the Eclipse Scan-Based Diagnostic and Test tools to provide a powerful combination software-hardware tools for automatic test pattern generation, debug, and validation prior to embedding test and configuration data into the customer's product or passing to the PT100 production tester.
Intellitech Corp. is focused on providing a complete customer solution early during the design phase that ensures success. The engineering and support team is dedicated only to providing a comprehensive low cost configuration and test strategy for the entire product. Over the years, the company has been successful in being the first-to-market and driving major technology changes in IEEE 1149.1 based configuration, debug and test. Intellitech’s PT100 Parallel Tester received the prestigious Test and Measurement World Editor’s Best-in-Test 2004 award.
Intellitech's customer base ranges from companies providing the latest networking products to ATE companies providing cutting edge semiconductor testers, from semiconductor manufacturers to space related companies providing satellites to large computer companies delivering multi-processor systems. The company's broad product selection, strong support team, and compelling value proposition have resulted in solid profitability and a strong balance sheet.