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"Intellitech’s CEO, CJ Clark is invited judge for New York University’s Cyber Security Awareness Week, October 12th ”






Durham, NH – August 17th, 2009 – Intellitech Corporation, www.intellitech.com, the leader in lowering electronic product costs through IEEE standards, has announced that its CEO, CJ Clark, will be a judge at New York University’s Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) to be held October 10th and ending on 20th, 2009.   Judging will be based on the overall design, the cleverness of the hardware ‘Trojan’, gate utilization and power consumption.

CSAW is NYU-Poly's annual cyber security competition that attracts hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students from across the country-- the brilliant young minds who will be tomorrow's cyber security experts. The embedded competition’s objective is to produce malicious hardware with a minimal footprint.  CSAW was founded by Professor Nasir Memon, Director of NYU-Poly's Information Systems and Internet Security (ISIS) Lab, an NSF-funded lab and an NSA-designated Center of Excellence in both Information Assurance Research and Education.  CSAW is sponsored by GE, BAE Systems, Microsoft Research, Cisco, LGS Bell labs innovations and others.

 “CSAW brings awareness to the commercial industry that engineers on very limited budgets can create Trojan hardware designs in FPGAs with common tools.  Anti-tampering is no longer confined to military applications.  FPGA designs increasingly use common IP blocks from the FPGA vendors and standard interface protocols such as SPI, PCIe, USB and IEEE 1149.1.  These Trojan designs can then be used to snoop the system to reverse engineer or extract critical security information”, said Mr. Clark.   “I’m pleased to be part of CSAW and look forward to this year’s submissions”, he added.  For more information on CSAW please go to http://isis.poly.edu/csaw/embedded .

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