LTX Selects the SystemBISTTM Embedded Configuration and Test Processor from Intellitech

Plug-and-Play IP Module Enables In-System FPGA Configuration and Built-in Self-Test

Durham, New Hampshire, January 21, 2003

Intellitech Corp. the technology leader in scan-based configuration, debug and test solutions today announced that LTX Corporation, a leading provider of test solutions for the semiconductor industry, has selected the SystemBIST Embedded Configuration and Test Processor for one of their designs.

Since LTX had a mix of both FPGAs and CPLDs on the same PCB, the design engineering team needed a low cost solution for configuring the large FPGAs but also a way to update both the FPGA designs and the CPLD designs in the field. A goal for the manufacturing test team was to lower In-Circuit Test (ICT) development and fixture costs. The SystemBIST processor provided LTX with a practical off-the-shelf solution for combining FPGA configuration, CPLD re-configuration and on-board built-in self-test.

"I started to design my new PCB with XC1800 series configuration PROMS, I changed my design to use SystemBIST for on-board FPGA configuration and embedded test when I saw the cost and test benefits for LTX," stated Zack Matisis, chief engineer at LTX Corporation.

The SystemBIST processor satisfied LTX's design goals to have their PCB logic remotely upgradeable and to lower their FPGA configuration cost. The embedded structural test capabilities enabled LTX to move away from boundary-scan on ICT, and permitted the PCB to be tested in-chassis. As a result, LTX's PCB can be tested using the same high quality tests used on the manufacturing floor, after deployment in the field.

"The SystemBIST processor is the industry's first on-board device for programming IEEE 1532 compliant devices. LTX was quick to see the advantage of having a standardized bus and method for configuration and updating the logic of FPGAs and CPLDs", said CJ Clark, past IEEE 1149.1 chairperson and currently chief executive officer at Intellitech. "Using our embedded TEST-IPTM products, LTX was able to lower the parts cost and PCB area needed for FPGA configuration. They were able to add the new capabilities of remotely updating both the FPGAs and CPLDS, as well as further lowering their overall product test costs with execute anywhere embedded structural test."

The SystemBIST Embedded Configuration and Test Processor is a complete plug-and-play IP module that is built on a unique patent-pending architecture. The SystemBIST processor can be delivered as IP using Intellitech's patent-pending licensing mechanism or as a discrete device. SystemBIST IP is easily embedded into a product to enable design engineers to build self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products with a proven pre-architected solution. The SystemBIST processor is vendor independent and can configure any IEEE 1532 or IEEE 1149.1 compliant FPGA and CPLD in-system. SystemBIST is "codeless", and does not require an interface to the CPU or system software. It executes stored test and configuration suites from a dedicated or existing FLASH memory device at power-up, or when its start signal is pulled to its active state.

The SystemBIST processor is designed to work seamlessly with the EclipseTM Configuration and Test Development tool. The Eclipse software is used to verify the entire FPGA configuration flow and to create automatic and custom PCB test suites before they are committed to the system. High-coverage manufacturing tests are generated automatically using the Eclipse Board Interconnect ATPG Engine. The test and configuration suites are developed using the Eclipse high level scripting language, which eliminates the need for time-consuming low-level C++ programming. The suites control the order and sequence of what devices are configured and what tests are executed. Each event in the suite has specific diagnostic messages (LED, seven-segment display, serial text message, etc.) so that in the case of a failure, the diagnostic message is returned by the SystemBIST results interface. Once the test and configuration suites have been validated against the target hardware with Eclipse, the Eclipse software will create a test and configuration image file with an associated test time and size report. The image file provides the SystemBIST processor all the commands and data for executing the tests as well as configuring the FPGAs/CPLDs exactly in the same way that the external Eclipse boundary-scan tool would. The image is either directly programmed in FLASH by Eclipse or loaded using traditional in-system techniques such as with a CPU.

About LTX

LTX Corporation (Nasdaq: LTXX) is the only semiconductor test equipment company to offer One Test Platform with Zero Compromises, enabling high performance, cost-effective solutions across the device spectrum of system-on-a-chip, mixed-signal, digital and analog integrated circuits. With headquarters in Westwood, Mass., the company has additional development facilities in San Jose, Calif., as well as sales, application support and service facilities throughout North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Japan. Please visit for more information on LTX's products, services and technologies, or call 1-888-INFOLTX (1-888 463-6589) for investor information.

About Intellitech:

Intellitech is the technology leader in scan-based debug and test solutions for SoC (System-on-a-Chip), ICs, PCBs and Systems. Intellitech's TEST-IP family provides patent pending infrastructure IP that enables embedded test, debug and configuration of ICs, PCBs and Systems. Intellitech's proprietary solutions enable customers to build self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products. The unified test and configuration approach enables customers to lower manufacturing test costs, lower system test costs, lower field service costs, provide field adaptable products and extend product life with field upgrade-able logic. The TEST-IP family of products is coupled with the proven Eclipse Scan-Based Diagnostic tools to provide a powerful combination of hardware and software tools for debug analysis and test validation, prior to embedding into the customer's product.

Intellitech is focused on providing a complete customer solution early during the design phase that ensures success. The engineering and support team is dedicated only to providing a comprehensive low cost configuration and test strategy for the entire product. Over the years, the company has been successful in introducing new solutions based on IEEE 1149.1 configuration, debug and test technology.

Intellitech's customer base ranges from companies providing the latest networking products to ATE companies providing cutting edge semiconductor testers, from semiconductor manufacturers to space related companies providing satellites, and to large computer companies delivering multi-processor systems. The company's broad product selection, strong support team, and compelling value proposition have resulted in solid profitability and a strong balance sheet. Intellitech has sales and support offices located in Durham, NH, Mountain View, CA, Ottawa, Canada, and Munich, Germany.